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"I Hope to Consolidate my debts"

Juggle too many loans! How could debt consolidation help?

If you have several debts such as credit cards, store cards, personal loans, unsecured loans, car loans or other loans, you could benefit from consolidating these debts into a single home loan.

By consolidating several debts into the one loan, will give you better control of your finances, you will have one payment to manage instead of several. Making easier to manage, improve your cash flow, free up cash and save on interest and fees.

A lower interest rate or reduced fees could help you pay off your loans faster or give you some extra spending money.

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“I want to refinance my home loan”

Unsatisfied with your current lender, high interest rate or seeking better customer service, loan does not meet your current needs or looking for a different home loan option.

Main reason to refinance is secure a lower interest rate or reduced fees which could help you pay off your home loan faster or give you some extra spending money.

Upgrading your home loan could give you access to features that better suit your current circumstances, such as being able to make extra repayments at no additional cost to help pay off the loan sooner or redraw facility enabling you to withdraw any additional repayments you have made on your loan or having an offset account linked to your home loan.

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“I want to buy my first home”

Taking the first step towards owning your own home is both exciting and a little overwhelming task, particularly as it’s probably the biggest financial transaction you’ve ever undertaken.

We are here to help you navigate your way through buying your very first home. Our Finance Consultant will walk you through the process, explain all the costs, and steps involved in buying a home.

A good way to figure out how much you can borrow or how much you can afford in repayments, is to get pre-approval. We can help you organize pre-approval so you know exactly what you can afford, if you haven’t yet found the right home. We’ll let you know whether you’re eligible for government incentives such as the First Home Owners Grant, concessions and help with the paperwork.

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“I want to buy an investment property”

Buying an investment property for capital growth, rental income or potential tax advantages, we understand your goals as an investor and how you can get the most out of your investment.

Do you want to pay interest only? Investment loans need to be flexible and they need to give you full leverage with your finances. We’ll show you which loans and features to consider.

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“I want to access equity in property”

If you need to unlock equity in your home for wealth creation such as shares or managed funds, buy an investment property, holiday, renovation or fund a major purchase.

The benefit is because the facility is secured against your home, the interest rate is set at very competitive home loan-like rates as opposed to high car loan, margin loan rates etc.

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“I want to build my dream home”

Are planning to build your dream home. You've decided to build your own home, planning on or major renovation of your own home. Arrange loan to buy the vacant land first and then arrange the loan to build on the vacant land. We will help with the progress payment to the builder as per building contract and as stages are completed, arrange valuations as per lenders requirements.

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